Five Point Agenda

I am neither a Chetan Bhagat’s fan nor a critic. In my opinion “Five point someone” is a nice book and deserved to be a best seller. It is the best work of Chetan Bhagat till date.

Reason of CB’s success is his debut novel Five Point Someone and few things that make this novel successful are :

1. Originality : In FPS, CB has shared his real life experiences which make it original. Before this novel nobody tried to portray the life of Engineering student at IIT. Getting admission in IIT or any reputed Engg Institute is itself considered as a great achievement. So, people think like “Admission liya hai to Engineer ban hi jaoge” CB tries to highlight the loopholes in the education system in a humorous way.

2. People can connect with characters : If you are an engg student, you can easily connect with the characters. This often happened with people while reading they feel like “Oh similar incident happened with me also” or “Even I have reacted in the same way as this character is reacting in the book”.This makes the book popular among engineering students. Mouth publicity worked in this case.

3. Simple English : CB has used simple English language, no high vocabulary, easy to understand.

It’s true that Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani has created the masterpiece of it with 3 Idiots but nobody can’t deny the fact that the story was originally created by Chetan Bhagat and the movie was inspired by Five point Someone. Aamir Khan or Mr. Hirani can’t take the whole credit alone, the novel was a bestseller before the movie released.

I don’t like much any of another CB’s novel. I have read “2 States” and “I too had a love story” back to back and found that “I too had a..” was far much better than “2 States”. Although I don’t like tragic endings, but Ravinder’s honest words has the power to touch the heart. It was said that 2 States based on real story but it seems like Bollywood masala story. I have not read “Revolution 2020” so can’t say anything about it. There are two reasons of reading of “Half Girlfriend”

1. To kill the time during journey.
2. This book costs me nothing.

Honestly, this book is a great disaster.The story is like a Bollywood script, but if any director dare to make any movie based on it, I will not prefer to watch the movie.

What do the other lesser known talented Indian writers need to do to get the same recognition?

I am not a novelist and never want to be, but as a reader I love originality. I think there is no formula of success. There is no secret ingredient, just be yourself.


This post is written for Indispire : What makes Chetan Bhagat so popular? What do the other lesser known talented Indian writers need to do to get the same recognition?


12 thoughts on “Five Point Agenda”

  1. Nice take…what i found in his other books compared to the first was once a movie was made, the writing for others was in a way that it could be targeted to be scripted in a movie.

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  2. I have not read anyyy of CB’s books,so no use commenting on it. But what i liked was that you have pointed out there is no secret ingredient to success except believing in ourselves and not following some crap as a formula for success. Good one.

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