The Irony of Busy Life

There was a serial broadcast on SAB TV (Indian TV channel) “Lapataganj”, I had watched only a few episodes of this TV series, but well acquainted with the characters. One of the characters I like the most is “Biji Pandey”, this person always pretends to be busy, but in reality he doesn’t like to do any work. Aged above 30, he is still ‘biji’ (busy) studying law and very busy roaming the Lapataganj on his bicycle. This character is very well portrayed in serial. I found many people around behaving in the same way,(it includes me as well). We ignore important things while doing not so important things.

Government office clerks don’t have time to attend you as they are busy with strikes, lunch breaks, solving crosswords, public holidays, household matters and after all this if they get any time, they surely resolve our problems. Media is busy in praising PM, Bollywood star life issues, cricketer’s problem and if time left they will cover the social issues. Youngsters are busy with Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, movies, candy crush saga and if time left they will think about the real world issues. Matured people are busy in money making and don’t have time for whom they are making money. Women are busy in gossiping on the phone, watching daily soaps, kitchen and don’t have time to find their own identity. In today’s world everyone is so busy that they don’t have time to find real meaning of life.. What an Irony!!! busy3 Reply To Weekly Writing Challenge : Oh, The Irony


12 thoughts on “The Irony of Busy Life”

  1. Agree, emotions have been replaced with busy attitude these days. A birthday is no more an occasion of get together but messages on social media. I liked the article.

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