Elephant – Crocodile story (Gaj-Grah katha)

Gaj Grah sketch

This sketch is drawn by me, narrating the Gaj-Grah story.This story is also called “Gajendra Moksha Katha”. The story goes like this there is a mountain called Trikuta. An elephant named Gajendra, was the king of a herd of elephants who lives on that mountain. One day he was playing with friends and family in a lake and suddenly a crocodile caught him by the foot.Gajendra tried to escape from the crocodile clutches but it didn’t work. His family and friends also tried to help him, but in vain. When they realized its hard to survive him, they left him alone.
It is said that elephant struggled for a thousand years. At last, when his energy started collapsing and completely weak. He started to pray Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu heard his cries and appeared on Garuda to help. Lord Vishnu’s Sudharshan chakra killed crocodile and set Gajendra free.Gajendra offers Lotus to Lord in order to thank him. This story is a part of Vishnu Puran. It is said that if Gajendra Moksha mantra is chanted by a person, he gets the power to face the difficulties and come out of unwanted situations.


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