Live in the moment

There are certain points in life when everything seems meaningless,dull and boring. It happens to everyone reasons may be different . In the past few days I felt the same way. When I try to analyze the problem, few reasons come out. I want to share these reasons with you all with the help of this article:

1) Daily repetitive work – All of us face this problem. Monotonous routine makes us dull. Even sometime weekend holiday will also not work. The only thing that came to our mind “there is no solution of this problem, everyone leads life like that only”. Well what if get some time for our hobby or try something that we always wanted to do. I know most of us have one answer for this “we don’t have time for it”.Means we don’t have time for the things that make us happy and alive, then what is the
point of anything else. A person who is happy with his life can make others happy.

2) Living in the past – Painful past can make us cry, but sometimes good past memories also give us nostalgic feeling that deprived us from the present beautiful moment.These memories will not allow us to accept the changes. So its better not to think about it. Someone has share this line on twitter, really true:

“Yaad aane per beeta hua sukh bhi dukh he deta hai..”

3) Thinking about future – There is no point of thinking about the future as if it is good, then there is no need to worry and if it is bad then its foolishness to feel the pain twice. We can plan the future but can’t change it.

Happiness comes to us daily in small packets but we ignore it while waiting for greater ones. Small moments like evening tea/coffee break between work, chit chat with an old friend after a long time, fun moments with friends and family, watching your favorite cartoon, listening to your favourite song, (for a programmer)when your code start working are more precious than anything else in the world, if we know how to enjoy them, we know how to enjoy every moment of life. At the end, I want to share my favorite line from Kungfu Panda movie describing about the best gift of life :

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present.”blog2


8 thoughts on “Live in the moment”

  1. Very well said Vartika, I agree with your post. I guess I too have written something on the same topic a few days back. You said it absolutely right that we should love in the present and enjoy every moment of it…


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