Blurb Writing 101

Lynette Noni

… Otherwise known as ‘banging your head against a wall—repeatedly’.

The title of this post is somewhat misleading since, really, I’m nowhere near qualified enough to write a ‘how to’ guideline for creating effective blurbs. But I can write about my experience, because last week my publishers and I agreed on a working blurb for Akarnae. (YAY!!!!). I can’t release it yet because it might change, but after a number of back-and-forth revisions we’re all happy with how it’s turned out. So that’s super-exciting!

It was interesting writing the blurb—and by ‘interesting’ I really mean ‘somebody-kill-me-now’. I thought query letters, pitches and synopses were challenging (which they are), but blurbs? Condensing 120,000 words down to, like, 150? I actually found myself freaking out! Think about it—a pretty cover might draw the eye of someone perusing in a bookstore, but it’s the blurb that will hopefully captivate them enough for them to want to read the…

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