It’s time to change our mindset

The new airtel advertisement has created a situation of debate. A woman,the boss of her husband still cooking at home.Some people appreciate this ad and says”I like these kind of women managing the house and work both”. But please ask to this superwoman, is she happy with her life or not. One question to the creative team of this ad ‘Can’t she hire a cook’ or her husband says “I want my wife to cook food for me” like a typical Indian husband mentality.
A few days ago, I heard this from a management student girl,”Our mother lives are much easier than us as they don’t have any career”.I agree with her in old days women are not allowed to study much as a result ,they don’t have any career,so they have to manage household only.But in current scenarios, we study harder,then get a good job, high pay scale and after that we manage household and work both. If in any case we have to manage household then i have to say that older women are luckier than us,at least they don’t have to bear office frustration. If this is called women liberation what else can I say?

It doesn’t mean that girl should not be educated or don’t have careers. In this century, it’s become mandatory for everyone (especially women) to come out from their shell. Not necessary for earning but to realize that there is some world exist outside kitchen also. If we are talking about progress of the nation then participation of women is also needed.

We have to change the mentality of society.Still in our society it is believed that a girl should know cooking while it is not important for a
boy. In my opinion, everyone should know cooking so it will become easier to balance the things.Since childhood, i used to heard a line in my home “Ladkiyan chahe
collector ban jaaye par khana to banana hi padta hai” and honestly it has always tortured me the most. Does it mean girls are born to cook food only? It’s only her Responsibility to manage a house? She doesn’t have any life? She is not allowed to fulfill her dreams?
Housewives didn’t get any pay for running a household and her demand for extra money needs an explanation. If she starts working then who will manage the house that’s the question arises. On the other hand working women have to manage both work and home, if something is not going well and then the husband says “We are financial stable then why you are taking so much stress, quit the job”. At last, if you want a peaceful married life then you have to quit the job. If you are not financially stable then I can only pray. At certain times of life, being a woman we have to make a choice of career or home.
At the conclusion of this article, I want to say one thing if we are speaking about equality please start it with the home. Nobody loves to sacrifice the dreams, if it is painful for you, then it is painful for her also. If it becomes necessary for a wife to quit job for the family, then don’t underestimate her sacrifice.


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